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The Most Accurate & Realistic Training Simulators Available To The Public

Adirondack Zombie Hunters Offers  State of the Art Professional Grade Milo-Range Shooting Simulators that feature 7'x12' screens to give a truly immersive shooting experience.  These simulators were originally designed for military & law enforcement training applications and provide an unmatched level of accuracy & precision.  A wide variety of computer generated scenarios have been developed to give a game-like feel & playability.  Unlike a typical arcade shooter, kill zones and target areas are not inflated, so success requires true accuracy and form. 

These Simulators are an affordable, safe alternative to a live-fire range for shooters at any skill level and allow for two simultaneous shooters.

So what are you waiting for? Stop in and SHOOT SOME ZOMBIES TODAY!!!

The World is Counting on You!!!

Training Weapon Options

SIRT Glock

iCombat SMG

iCombat SMG

SIRT Glock Pistol

The SIRT is a static training weapon designed for law enforcement that features a life like weight and feel with a heavy trigger reset that forces sight realignment after every pull to simulate the recoil of a weapon.  A great tool to improve accuracy & reaction time... And To Slay Zombies!

iCombat SMG

iCombat SMG

iCombat SMG

iCombat SMG

The iCombat SMG is an ideal training weapon designed for MilSim Operations. It features realistic weight, size & functionality, a 30 round mag, functional mag release, charging handle & red dot sight with single & 3-shot burst modes.

Perfect for mowing down a Zombie Horde!

Due to Size, Weight & Functionality, SMG's Are Recommended For Adult Use Only 


This Attraction is Intended for Mature Audiences.

Children Under 18 Years of Age MUST Be Accompanied By a Responsible Adult